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Movie Fanaticism
16-11-2015 20:00:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 245 Years
10-11-2015 21:30:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 1Sneak Preview
09-11-2015 21:15:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 4Spectre
07-11-2015 16:20:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 5Spectre
04-11-2015 21:15:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 4Spectre
03-11-2015 21:30:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 6Sneak Preview
01-11-2015 16:20:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 4Crimson Peak
31-10-2015 23:00:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 5Green Inferno, The
30-10-2015 22:50:00Pathe Zaandam Zaal 2Regression
29-10-2015 16:00:00Pathe Tuschinski Zaal  1Spectre

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